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The Lord's Prayer - USA/EU/UK timezones

See Jesus' Lord's Prayer through the eyes of a Roman citizen.

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This Tour time is best suited for the friends in America, Canada, Africa and Europe. This action-packed tour uses the nearly 100 years of Roman rule over Judea to add Roman cultural context to the Lord's Prayer. You'll see how brave Jesus needed to be to speak out for truth with the threat of the Roman way of life hanging over the region. We will visit often-missed sites in Rome's Forum and discover their fascinating importance to the Bible and the Lord's Prayer in particular. Part 1 points of interest include: - The Temple of Jupiter - The Golden Milestone - The bakery and Temple of Ceres at Ostia Antica - The Temple of Mars Ultor. In Part 2 we will see how a single event in Rome, 44 years before Jesus was even born, started a domino effect that resulted in Jesus' death. Points of interest include: - Temple of Julius Caesar - Largo Argentina - The Theatre of Pompei - The Curia. Duration: 1 hour 30 mins Platform: Zoom Maximum Zoom Connections: Unlike previous years, please book a slot and you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom ID and Password. FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS ID AND PASSWORD with brothers and sisters you know. If they have the zoom info from you, they will not need to book a spot. There will be a 1000 connection maximum which should be plenty. If we do run out of connection room, we operate on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis so join the waiting room early to guarantee a spot. Cost: Voluntary Donations made after the tour. (Should you choose to donate, please do not donate before the tour. If the tour is cancelled - this happens extremely rarely - it's sooooooo hard to issue refunds). Dress Code: This is a secular city tour and not a meeting. This is not a consideration of a publication and, of course, we do not open and close in prayer. As such, please feel free to dress casually but respectfully of the many cultures we will have on board. Bible studies and Non-witness family members: Of course, we are happy for bible studies and non-witness relatives and interested ones to attend our tours. We do ask however that baptized publishers make the bookings on behalf of interested ones. This ensures that anyone attending who is not a witness is personally vouched for by a baptized study conductor etc. Hope to see you on tour soon, Jamison

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Please do your best to fill your booked quota of devices to attend. If you have to cancel (these things happen), the earlier you inform me the more likely we can can fill the space. Thanks for being considerate.


Circo Massimo, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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